Overhead Drill Machine Setup

Setting up your Overhead Drill Machine

Required tools:

  1. Standard and Philips screw drivers
  2. 5/64 Allan wrench (#2 metric)
  • Remove the hose clamps.
  • Remove the Philips head bolt
  • Swing the activation trigger out of the way.
  • Position the hammer drill in the saddle.
  • Pass the activation trigger across the trigger of the hammer drill
  • Reinsert the Philips head bolt and tighten. (Leave it loose enough so that the Activation Trigger moves freely.)
  • Make certain that your tool is straight and against the saddle, then strap it in securely with the hose clamps.
  • Insure that the hose clamps do not interfere with the setting switch.
  • Loosen the clamping collar with a 5/64 Allen wrench.
  • Adjust the ceiling probe rod so that it’s positioned about 2 inches in front of the SDS bit.
  • Check that all fasteners are tight and secure.
  • Insert saddle assembly into the telescoping pole using the wire bale pins.
  • Adjust the length of the pole as needed.
  • For jobs with a uniform ceiling height, the foot pedal may be used.
  • Position the foot pedal at the end of the pole and fasten them together using the supplied nut and bolt.
  • Tighten nyloc nut leaving it loose enough for the foot pedal to pivot.
  • The foot pedal will lift the pole about 8 to 9 inches. 2 shots (pedal and without)./li>